Monday, November 22, 2010

3D Video Capture with hacked Xbox 360 Kinect


Last week Oliver Kreylos released this video on youtube showing a hacked Xbox 360 Kinect being used to generate 3D video. Amazing! It is no surprise that there has been almost 1.4 million views during the past week.

There are, of course, a tremendous number of possible applications of this technology. Many of which are impractical (like most augmented reality applications) but others may have promise. Interior mapping and video change detection are two fields that may benefit from variants of this technology.

In more recent videos Kreylos discusses options to achieve a true 360° 3D video. One option is to use two Kinect devices, with polarized filters, facing opposite each other. The filters would prevent one device from accidentally processing infrared beams from the opposing device. Software would then automagically stitch the two 3D video feeds together.

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