Friday, April 27, 2012

Pivot for ArcGIS Online


Late last year Microsoft released the fifth and possibly final version of Silverlight. The most highly publicized improvement was the addition of 3d graphics support. A lesser known improvement was the inclusion of an updated PivotViewer control.

The first edition of the PivotViewer was used in a 2010 prototype entitled mosaic image finder, this app allowed users to display and filter a large collection of satellite imagery. Whilst it may have been technically possible to support dynamic collections, for simplicity, this and most other implementations used static collections.

The second and most recent edition of the PivotViewer is significantly improved. Developers can now bind viewers to dynamic collections and have the ability to style individual items (or tradecards).

The Applications Prototype Lab used the new edition of PivotViewer and the ArcGIS Portal API to render search results from ArcGIS Online. Searching ArcGIS Online for content related to “usa” reveals approximately 3,000 results. Unfortunately these search results can only be browsed ten at a time on With the PivotViewer, all 3,488 map items can be viewed simultaneously or interrogated individually.

To use the live application, click here.

To download the source code, click here.

To watch a video, click here.

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