Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dynamic Charting for ArcGIS Desktop 10

Late last year ESRI’s Applications Prototype Lab released the dynamic charting tool for ArcGIS Desktop 9.2/9.3.  This tool provided the unique ability to display dynamic pie charts during editing operations.

Today, the lab released a new version of the tool for the newly launched ArcGIS Desktop 10.  The tool features a number of improvements:

  • Ability to switch between a pie chart and a column chart,
  • Ability to pick any summary field other than area, for example, cost or mineral volume,
  • Improved performance, the charts are only updated following an editing operation such as an add or delete.  Previously updates occurred at regular time intervals.
  • The legend is now sorted alphabetically,
  • And mostly importantly, the user interface colors have been toned down.  :-)

The new tool can be downloaded from the ArcGIS Resource Center from this link.  The download includes full source code.  The tool is developed as a desktop AddIn and is written in C# using WPF and the WPF Toolkit.

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